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Ben Macnaughton, Software Engineer
Ben Macnaughton, Software Engineer

Brydge’s real-time transaction status API is live!

See a live view of your transaction from the moment you confirm in-wallet through finality. Partner dApps can now create custom alerts, giving your users peace of mind throughout their buying experience.

Cross-chain transactions are nerve racking! Users are accustomed to confirming a transaction, seeing the source chain transaction status, and constantly refreshing the destination chain block scanner until their transaction clears.

Brydge’s transaction status was built to give real-time feedback along you and your users’ buying journey. You now get access to status information along every step of your transaction’s journey, so you always know where your funds are. (4)

We’ve also exposed the transaction status endpoint and added status events to the widget so you can create custom notifications to let your users know their transaction’s status, even if they’ve left the page. API docs are viewable here.

About Brydge:

Brydge helps dApps increase revenue by making payments simple. Users can pay 1-click using any token in their wallet from any chain. No more figuring out chains, bridges, DEXs, gas, or multiple token approvals.

Brydge serves NFT marketplaces, NFT collections, P2E games, DeFi protocols, and dApps with a token.

Learn more about Brydge:

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