Liquidity Pool Deposit Launch

Liquidity Pool Deposit Launch

December 5, 2022

Today, Brydge launched Liquidity, enabling your users to add liquidity to your pools in 1-click with any token from any supported chain.

We’re making your pools more accessible by building a simple experience. No more leaving your app. No more managing chains, bridges, splitting into equal amounts of a pairing, and figuring out the best way to get each token.

Brydge Liquidity is built to grow your TVL by reducing all points of friction between your pools and your users. 1-click and done.

Adding liquidity to your pools is hard

Let’s say you have a YOURTOKEN-USDC liquidity pool on Quickswap on Polygon. Your token is in demand (woo!), so the pool weighting skews towards USDC, which means poorer swap rates for YOURTOKEN. You now need to either (1) allocate more of your treasury into your pool or (2) encourage your community to help!

Unless you have a bottomless treasury, (2) is inevitable. A tweet of “Hey frens, add some liquidity to our pools and earn trading fees” is a good start. But, once your users have decided to add liquidity, they have to:

  1. Go to Quickswap

  2. Realize they need tokens on Polygon

  3. Find a bridge

  4. Approve token spend to the bridge contract

  5. Confirm the bridging transaction

  6. Bop around for 5-45 minutes waiting for the bridge transaction to finalize

  7. Get gas on Polygon

  8. Head back to Quickswap

  9. Approve token spend to Quickswap SwapRouter

  10. Swap 50% into YOURTOKEN

  11. Swap the other 50% into USDC

  12. Go back to your liquidity pool on Quickswap

  13. Approve YOURTOKEN spend to Quickswap liquidity pool

  14. Approve USDC spend to Quickswap liquidity pool

  15. (Finally!) add YOURTOKEN-USDC liquidity

Yuck. Churn, churn, churn

What adding liquidity to your pools looks like with Brydge:

  1. Go to your liquidity pool page on your website

  2. Select any token in their wallet + chain to use

  3. Confirm the transaction

Boom, done. Here’s Brydge Liquidity in action:

What Brydge Liquidity supports

Initially Uniswap v2 forks on Ethereum, Polygon, Optimism, and Arbitrum. Brydge will quickly roll out across multiple other chains, vaults, and DEXs like Curve, Velodrome, Uni v3, and more. Hit us up on Discord if you’d like to see Brydge support pools on other DEXs.

Get started with Brydge Liquidity here.

About Brydge:

Brydge helps dApps increase revenue by making payments simple. Users can pay 1-click using any token in their wallet from any chain. No more figuring out chains, bridges, DEXs, gas, or multiple token approvals.

Brydge serves NFT marketplaces, NFT collections, P2E games, DeFi protocols, and dApps with a token.

Learn more about Brydge:

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