Launching Gas Station

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Zach Rosen, Co-Founder
Zach Rosen, Co-Founder

Today, Brydge launched Gas Station, the first 1-stop shop for getting gas on new chains.

Exciting new protocols and applications are launching daily. Increasingly, dev teams are choosing to deploy on Layer 2 chains and sidechains like Optimism, Polygon, and Arbitrum. These new chains offer a better user experience than Ethereum, starting with cheaper transactions and faster confirmations.

Just like on Ethereum, each chain requires a user to pay gas to send a transaction. This was first solved with faucets, where users could send themselves a small amount of gas to get started. Mainnet faucets have largely been deprecated due to user abuse and increased network adoption. Now, folks either (1) head to a centralized exchange to send some gas to their destination chain, or (2) ask a nice friend to send some over.

Enter Gas Station.

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Gas is a burdensome user experience. Brydge is working on abstracting it completely. For now, Gas Station lets you explore new chains without a centralized exchange (or a friend!). Choose any token in your wallet to fill up with—Brydge handles the rest.


New liquidity channels for dApps

Each barrier between you and your users makes it harder to use your dApp and lowers your conversion rate. Gas Station seamlessly links to your dApp so your community can fill up in seconds.

Secure Infrastructure

Gas Station is built on top of Uniswap, Stargate, and LayerZero—battle-tested protocols that process thousands of transactions daily. Brydge has also contracted and passed multiple additional security audits. You can read the reports here.

Fill up with Gas Station here.

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Zach Rosen, Co-Founder
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Zach Rosen, Co-Founder

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