Direct-to-dApp is Now in Live Beta

Direct-to-dApp is Now in Live Beta

June 6, 2022

Brydge launched its aggregated bridging protocol a few months ago to help users minimize Ethereum —> Layer 2 bridging costs. Since then, we’ve enabled hundreds of users to save thousands of dollars in gas fees.

We’ve received tons of input from the Layer 2 community. We learned that people don’t just want less expensive ways of transferring tokens—they want a truly simple way to interact with their favorite protocols, dApps, and communities. We set out to achieve this with Direct-to-dApp (D2D).

D2D enables dApps to deploy on one chain and instantly accept any token from the rest. So, your users can buy your NFTs using Ethereum ETH, Polygon AAVE, or Ethereum USDC. They can even provide liquidity to your WETH-USDT pairing using Polygon wBTC. And do nearly anything with thousands of other tokens from (soon to be) any chain. In 1 click. So simple, your parents could do it!

We’re taking the first step of this journey by releasing our beta. Starting today, anyone can check out Direct-to-dApp V1 at brydge.network and integrate cross-chain payments into your Polygon dApp with our simple SDK. No contract edits or redeployments required.

Here are a few examples of what you can do with Direct-to-dApp:

Accept Any Token from Any Chain in Your Marketplace

Easily set a token to accept payments in while providing your users the flexibility to purchase however they prefer. Compatible with any ERC721 contract.

Cross-Chain NFT Minting

Minting on Ethereum is expensive. An unforeseen gas spike can throw a wrench in even the best-planned launch. Direct-to-dApp gives your users the best possible minting experience—deploy on a scalable chain and instantly accept tokens from anywhere.

Simplify Providing Liquidity

Providing liquidity is no longer a grueling process. Gone are the days of your users calculating just the right token amounts and figuring out the best way to get each token. Choose a chain to pay from, an amount to invest and let Direct-to-dApp handle the rest.

What’s next for Brydge?

In the coming weeks, we’ll roll out support for all major EVM chains. We’ll also add gasless transactions and the option to directly purchase via credit card. As always, Brydge’s core technology will remain permissionless and decentralized.

We’re just getting started and can’t wait to see what D2D enables teams to build. Our best product ideas always come from our users. Stay updated and let us know how we can better serve you via Twitter and Discord.

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