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Zach Rosen, Co-Founder
Zach Rosen, Co-Founder

Today, we launched Brydge Tokens, enabling anyone to buy any token on Ethereum, Polygon, Optimism, and Arbitrum in seconds. Just as Brydge helps dApps offer simple, trustless payments — we want to do the same for users.

We’re making tokens more accessible by building a simple experience. No more managing chains, bridges, and DEXs. Bundle multiple token approvals into 1 click. And skip the need to get more gas on your destination chain. Brydge is built to be simple and powerful.

Ethereum USDC to Arbitrum ENS Swap

Putting user experience first

Buying a token should be as simple as tapping a single button. More friction is a barrier to adoption. Brydge Tokens is a step towards an experience that helps newcomers dive deeper into new tokens and protocols.

Building your token’s presence

Brydge Tokens empowers dApps to offer a simple way to incentivize token purchases, right from your app. No more redirecting your community to exchanges and bridges—Brydge Tokens lets your users seamlessly buy your token in-dApp in seconds.

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Battle-Tested Infrastructure

Brydge Tokens is built on top of Uniswap, Stargate, and LayerZero—battle-tested protocols that process thousands of transactions daily. Brydge has also contracted and passed multiple additional security audits. You can read the reports here.

dApps can sign up for early access to Brydge Tokens here.

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Zach Rosen, Co-Founder
Zach Rosen, Co-Founder
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Zach Rosen, Co-Founder
Zach Rosen, Co-Founder

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