A better, more profitable checkout for NFTs and DeFi

Clunky infrastructure like bridges and DEXs losing you customers? Upgrade to Brydge to boost conversions and increase your TVL.

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Use Cases

One-click liquidity for an immediate TVL boost

Let your users stake, lend, or add liquidity in 15 seconds. No more redirecting to external DEXs or bridges.

Compatible with Uniswap V2, V3, vaults, and more.

  • Add pFi-WMATIC Liquidity




    Volume 24h



    24hr Fees


  • Add pFi-WMATIC Liquidity

    Select token and chain

Immediately increase NFT sales with omnichain payments

Let your customers buy with the token and chain they prefer - without leaving your checkout flow.

Easier for your users. More profitable for you.

124X faster in-game purchases

Your users can now buy your skins, land, and characters in-game using any token from any chain.

Build a payment experience that boosts purchase volume and delights your users.

  • Buy CRV on Polygon

    Select token and chain
  • Bring your token to center stage

    Let your users buy your token without leaving your site, using a bridge, dealing with multiple token approvals, or getting gas on your chain.

    1-click and done.


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